About Us

CEO Carol Craig diversified her successful engineering and technical services business to provide precision manufacturing when she opened the 13,000 SF Craig Technologies Machine and Tool Division (CTMTD) in Port Canaveral in 2011. In June 2012, Craig negotiated and executed a 5-year unfunded Space Act Agreement with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to maintain and use 1,600 pieces of specialty manufacturing and test equipment previously used to process orbiters and space-bound payload components during the Shuttle program.

Today, our nationally-recognized Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Center (ADMC) offers a unique end-to-end design-to-production capability that includes specialty manufacturing, custom avionics, precision machining and fabrication, and test and evaluation services. We engineer, design, prototype, manufacture and test a wide variety of mission-critical systems for a diverse range of customers all under one roof in our 161,000 SF Cape Canaveral facility that is supported with over 2,000 pieces of specialty manufacturing and test equipment, experienced engineers, and certified technicians.

Capabilities include:
Precision Machining and Fabrication
• CNC Turning and Milling
• CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication
• EDM Wire and Sinker Machining
• Waterjet Cutting
• Welding, Brazing, and Painting
Test and Evaluation
• Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE)
• CMM, VCMM Quality Inspection
• Materials and Process Evaluation
• Class 100,000 Clean Room Assembly and Testing
• Cable Fabrication
• Digital and Analog Electronics Fabrication
• Environmental Testing
• Satellite Signal Testing
Specialty Manufacturing
• CNC Tube Bending
• Laser Identification and Marking
• Composite Fabrication
• Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pressure Testing
• Mil-Spec Chemical Conversion Coating
• 3-D Printing
Other than aerospace, the ADMC can support a variety of industrial applications to include aviation, defense, rail, automotive, energy, and others for both government and commercial customers.

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Find out more about Craig Technologies’ end-to-end technology, engineering, and manufacturing services at www.craigtechinc.com.